Hof Kelsten — Identity update

Back in 2013 we worked with Jeffrey Finkelstein on a logo and identity for his brand new bakery in Montréal. In late 2019, with their new “Sucrée” patisserie opening at the TimeOut Market Montreal, Hof Kelsten needed a logo that matched the one we did for the original Boulangerie.

After nearly 7 years of being out in the wild, we saw some ways to improve and modularize the identity so that it could be extended more easily in the future.

When corona virus changed everything in February 2020 we were able to create and help launch the Rations online store in record time.

The original logotype lettering, based on vintage MTL diner signs, was updated for improved legibility and new letters were added so that each store could have it’s own custom wordmark.

The HK diamond monogram was redrawn and simplified to scale better and work more consistently in tangible applications.

Finally, a new complimentary typeface was chosen to round-out the subdivision logos and menu boards.