This is our first collection of tshirts, longsleeves and sweatshirts, a project that we’ve been learning, experimenting and building a studio for since 2020.
Every item in the collection is a unique, one-off piece that has been hand dyed and printed using natural dyes and water-based inks in our studio in Kreuzberg.

Togetherness Foreverness Tee 01 — Size M

Heavyweight 180gm Cotton
Classic Fit
Chest 52cm

We dyed and printed each garment individually, changing the process and technique for each item, experimenting with form, colour and finish.
As a result of the experimental process, each item has it’s own unique differences. We chose to embrace the imperfections and hope that you do too!

Togetherness Foreverness Tee 02 — Size L

Heavyweight Organic 180gm Cotton
Classic Fit
Chest 58cm

The orange-brown items in the collection are dyed with onion skins and madder root. The pink items are dyed with cochineal, an age-old, natural pigment, sourced from Europe.
Natural dyes act a little different to synthetic dyes. They may fade a little more over time creating natural changes in your garment. But change is normal. Change is good. Let’s embrace it.