Reuben Whitehouse
Design + direction

In addition to co-running Rocketfuelled! Studio, I work as a senior designer and consultant on long-term and complex applied design projects for larger organisations and teams. I’ve been working with corporate brands since 2005. 

✔︎ Executing on new and existing brand directions
✔︎ Developing design systems from the ground-up
✔︎ Applying and adapting identities across multiple touch points
✔︎ Working with distributed teams


Disciplines: Brand identity; Websites; Interface; User Experience; Environment; Publications; Pitches; Decks; Design strategies; Merchandise.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Sketch.

Industries: Tech, Health & Wellness, Trades.

Applied branding and product design

Handel Group

HG is one of the America’s largest corporate coaching brands with a distributed workforce across the US, Europe and Australia. I consult, lead and execute on branding and experience across multiple touchpoints and products, working across marketing, app development and events departments.


✔︎ Apps
✔︎ Corporate branding
✔︎ Social content
✔︎ Advertising campaigns
✔︎ Creative strategies

Website design
Social content design

Email newsletters
UI / UX design
Brand development and consulting


A small, distributed team pursuing an ambitious goal of being the Number 1  back-office software for the construction trades industry. I work with them to expand and elevate their brand expression across multiple channels and collaborate with the  development team to maintain consistent, brand-aligned UX across all devices.

✔︎ Brand definition
✔︎ Iterative improvement
✔︎ UI Design System
✔︎ Ad campaigns
✔︎ Expanding creative team

Website design
App design system

Social content design
Brand re-positioning

Roberts Management Group

RMG is a large property management group in Minnesota who are re-positioning as a dual property management-and-development firm. I worked with their digital agency in 2019 on initial brand adjustments and online platform templates, moving from a dated brand format to a digital-era approach that appeals as trustworthy, refined and state-of-the-art.


✔︎ Consulting
✔︎ Corporate branding
✔︎ Website design
✔︎ Copywriting

Core branding update

Corporate website design